past dates

Savtones Internal Matter Tour

5.24.09 w/Topheavy @ Gillette Stadium Foxboro, Massachusetts
5.29.09  w/The Fighting Cocks @ JJ’s Worcester, Massachusetts
5.31.09 w/Nate Gibson @ The Rodeo Bar New York, New York

6.1.09 w/Black Fortress Of Opium @ TT’s Boston, Massachusetts
6.5.09 w/Top Heavy at The Cantab Cambridge, Massachusetts
6.6.09 w/Black Fortress Of Opium @ Your Inner Vagabond Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
6.07.09 w/Black Fortress Of Opium @ M Room Philidelphia, Pennsylvania
6.27.09 w/Garvy j. @ The Middle East UP Cambridge, Massachusetts
6.27.09 w/Black Fortress Of Opium @ The Cantab Cambridge, Massachusetts

7.24.09 w/Topheavy @ The Provincetown Music Festival Provincetown, Massachusetts
7.31.09 w/Black Fortress Of Opium @ Radio Bean Burlington, Vermont


Guitar Hero Tour

11.02.07 Black Fortress Of Opium @ The Church(Formerly The LINWOOD) Boston, MA
10.25.07 Black Fortress Of Opium @ Mo Pitkins' House of Satisfaction, NY, CANCELLED!!
10.19.07 The Worlds Greatest Sinners @ The Abbey Lounge, Somerville MA,
9.29.07 Black Fortress Of Opium @ Dodge Street, Salem, MA
9.01.07 POSTPONED!!!! Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra at BB KIngs NY, NY
8.30.07 WGS @ The Lizard Lounge, Cambridge MA
8.23.07 Garvy J@ The Abbey, Somerville MA
8.23.07 Black Fortress Of Opium @ The Abbey Lounge, Somerville MA