“Guitaresque covers quite a bit of ground, from country to jazz to surf rock, revealing shades of Danny Gatton, Hank Garland, and The Ventures. My favorite track is a cover of "Walk, Don't Run" that echoes Chet Atkins in the intro, and then segues into a killer organ jazz workout. "When in Doubt (Dress in Black)" and "Moonshine" are chicken pickin' barn burners that would do Don Rich and Roy Nichols proud. The two halves of the album are even bridged by post-rock atmospherics via "By Way of Amarillo." Somehow, this stylistic mashup all comes together in a surprisingly coherent manner, a testament to both Tony's versatility and his clarity of musical vision. A thoroughly enjoyable disc indeed, and a great example of what instrumental guitar albums should aspire."
–Ben Bonin

“Hands down, Tony is by far one of the most talented and in-demand musicians in the Boston area, and is also known for his ability to cross musical genres with ease. With his latest release, his new 12-song album “Guitararino”, features Tony at his very best. Cutting a wide swath between rock, country, blues, jazz, etc. “Guitararino” is a definite need-to-buy for any Boston local music fan or anyone appreciative of a well-constructed guitar album.” –Rob Cushing


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