Photo by Duncan Wilder Johnson

Photo by Duncan Wilder Johnson

Tony Savarino has played in every band in Boston.


Thats right… Tony has been nominated for “Boston’s Best Studio Musician”!!! You can vote here:

"If there is such a thing as a cool-cat guitarist these days, then Tony is it. He knows his craft and is a master of tones and styles. He captivates on this new, instrumental album with everything from surf rock and movie-soundtrack hipster jazz, to Stevie Ray Vaughan blues muscle, some ambient Pink Floyd nods and some New Orleans party hints with his own special weave, all backed by all-star Boston musicians who jam fluidly throughout. A soothing and highly intelligent blend of music." -- Steve Morse, former staff critic at the Boston Globe for 28 years who now teaches Rock History for Berklee College of Music

Tony Savarino (b. Cambridge, Massachusetts 1970) to a mother who was a painter and a father who was a nuclear physicist. Tony made his debut at 11-years-old to a loft party opening for the seminal performance art troupe Pink INC at 2am. Tony Savarino has played in every band in Boston. No, really! The Savtones, Dale Bozzio, TM Stevens, Give, Ruby Rose Fox, The Rudds, Garvy J, The Montgomerys, and the Emily Grogan to name a few.  The Noise voted Tony its "Favorite Guitar Player" in 2004 and 2005, because he moves so easily from rock to pop to funk to reggae to soul to country. But it might also be because he matches his guitars to his silk ties, the fashionable bastard. The BOSTON GROUPIE NEWS has called Tony Savarino ubiquitous. He is a guitar player's guitar player; very versatile with the unique ability to put his personal stamp on everything he does. He has appeared in Vintage Guitar Magazine, Guitar World, Guitar Player For The Practicing Musician, The Boston Globe, The Boston Phoenix, The Noise and SoundCheck. Currently, he can be caught gigging around the New England area with a variety of different artists ranging in styles from metal, country, jazz, folk, indie and soul.